Trailminders offers you a secure management system for your hard earned business, freeing you to explore any other options you may wish to try, for a month, a year… or forever!
You hire TrailMinders to manage and develop your business, looking after your clients on your behalf, and ensuring that these clients always know that they are still your clients.
Your existing business name continues, with you being the owner in charge and your existing aggregator arrangements staying in place.
To fund our service, TrailMinders only receives a 20% split of your monthly trail commission your 80% trail split keeps coming to you directly from your aggregator every month.
And your written agreement with Trailminders can be varied or cancelled at any time.
We all know that broking is a very dynamic business, subject to constant change and although we’re very excited about the revolutionary TrailMinders package inclusions, perhaps you can think of something we should add ?
So there’s a decent bottle of bubbly on offer for anyone who can come up with another good idea for us to include in the programme.
And of course we also have another cold bottle of bubbly to help celebrate your exciting new life of possibility once you decide to take up the TrailMinders’ Package offer.