Property for everyone…..a different service that you can offer!
The DomaCom Fund enables investors to invest in a percentage of one or more properties in a syndicate-like structure where they share the rental income and the capital value with a group of other investors. The concept is called fractional property investing.
How can Mortgage Brokers work with DomaCom ?
The DomaCom Fund is a financial product, so you should work in conjunction with a Financial Adviser. There are several “DomaCom-accredited Advisers” in the IFBF group.
You may have clients with equity in their house who can use this equity to vary their loan and invest in one or more investment properties.
Your clients may have children who are trying to save for the purchase of a house, or an investment property. Their savings are in a bank account earning less than the rate of inflation, while property prices keep rising at a much faster rate.
Why not introduce DomaCom’s fractional property investment concept and get them into the property ladder by buying bits of a property to start with? They will benefit from a share of the rental income and capital growth. When they are ready to buy a whole property, they can sell their fractional investment (i.e. units in their property sub-fund) through DomaCom’s liquidity facility – very similar to trading shares online.
DomaCom revolutionises property investing, and is one way you can differentiate the service that you are offering your clients.